What does a Plastic Surgeon, a Dermatologist, and a Chiropractor have in common?

They all sleep with the enVy pillow.

What the  Experts Are Saying about the enVy Pillow


Dr. Kay Durairaj FACS
Dr. Jason Emer
Dermatological Surgeon
Dr. Julia Carroll
Dermatologist at Compass
Dr. Doris Day
Dermatologist NYC
"We're plowing through a freezing winter here in NY, wishing I could be hibernating through it with your pillows!" 
~ Dr. Doris Day
Dr. Julius Few
The Few Institute
Dr. Dean Collins
Collins Chiropractic

"I bought an Envy Pillow from Kathy and Kim about 8 months ago to try it out. I was used to a price point of $60-$70 retail so when they mentioned the Envy Pillow was twice that...I was shocked and really out of the loop as far as what a premium pillow costs. Well I tried it and loved it! I wanted to give it a fair shot so I really didn't want to share my opinion about it until the 3 month mark. It has helped my neck issues and arm numbness immensely. I fully endorse this pillow and recommend it to my patients. If you're paying a couple of thousand dollars on a mattress for good support, why wouldn't you invest a couple of hundred dollars for good neck support?"


Dr. Tracy Kish
Westwood Health
Dr. Sam Calicchia
Affinity Physio and Wellness

"I have been a clinician for over 10 years and I have never come across a product as innovative and exciting as the enVy pillow. It has proven to be beneficial for all age groups; from my 2 young children to my elderly patients. I didn't think it could get any better, until I heard about the travel size envy. It's a fantastic product and I am very happy to carry it in my clinic. I recommend it to everyone!"

Dr. Darlene Newnham
Laser Health Works
Dr. Sharon McQuillan
Ageless Aesthetic Institute

"For years we have educated clients on the need for SPF to protect against premature aging related to the sun. Anti-aging procedures can be costly. It is time we educated our clients on the affects side sleeping can have on the formation of sleep lines and the enhancement of facial asymmetry. enVy® A must have for anyone interested in protecting their face and their investment!"

Dr. Shima Shahidy

Wellness for the Body, Oakville. ON

"The first time I was given one, I was immediately impressed with the design of the envy pillow. It made sense. I had been looking for a pillow that was thick enough to support the neck properly in side lying position and this was the first one I had seen that was soft enough but also supportive enough to do that. I never really liked memory foam before because I found it compressed too much after laying on it for the night. The memory foam quality in the envy pillow is excellent. Pillow and mattress recommendations are quite subjective and patients are always asking us for the "best one". Having used the envy pillow myself for over a year now, I can easily recommend it to other people as one of my favourite pillows. The design is excellent and although the price point is high, it does last a very long time so you will not be replacing your pillow for several years!"


Dr. William G. Middleton

Facial Cosmetic Surgeon, Toronto, ON

"I recommend the enVy Pillow to all of my patients to decrease tissue shift and pressure on delicate facial tissues post surgery and post aesthetic treatments. I use it myself to ease my aching back and neck after a long day of perfuming cosmetic surgery."


Dr. Donna Jezdic

Esteem Medical Aesthetics, Tecumseh, ON

"Bringing the enVy® Pillow into my two cosmetic offices was well worthwhile.  Patients are now able to sustain their investments while getting a restful and a well aligned sleep.  We have seen tremendous success and have heard nothing but positive feedback about the enVy Pillow.  Clients who were use to sleeping with two or more fluffy pillows cannot sleep one night without their enVy Pillow now.  Clients are amazed on how restful they feel in addition to not waking up with crease lines all over their face.  I am so pleased with the results the the enVy pillow has brought to my practice."


Dr. Stephen P. Connor

Sports and Family Chiropractic, Oakville, ON

"As a Neck Care Specialist, I am always encouraging my patients to choose a pillow that first and foremost provides support for their neck in all positions as they sleep. There aren’t many products out there that do that, and few if any that provide as much consistent and optimal support as the enVy® Pillow. This is truly a great product, one that I can recommend to my patients with great confidence."


Dr. M.R. Goolam Hussain

Tri Hospital Sleep Lab, Ontario, Canada

"The enVy®Pillow has shown an outstanding acceptance by users. In a recent survey by a sleep laboratory in Mississauga, Ontario 80% of subjects demonstrated a significant improvement with more refreshing sleep, energy during the day and the enVy® pillow was far superior to any other pillow for neck comfort."


Michele Drake

Owner/operator  Pro Trainer for Nutrition & Wellness Specialist, BOSU Master Trainer, Executive Director of BLAST Sport & Fitness Inc. Burlington, ON

"I had the honor of meeting and working with Kathy and Kim this year. I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and subscribe to a very holistic - drug free mentality. I was lent the enVy® pillow to try and immediately there was a battle in my home between who was going to be able to use it at night. The benefits for neck support and the cradle it provides for your head had not been apparent with any other method of comfort for slumber. I found you also didn't have the irritation of where to place your arms?!! The pillow props the foundation of your alignment to ensure a sense of deep relaxation and ease. I lent the pillow to a friend who was having great troubles with sleep and awakening through the night. She immediately noticed a difference and attributes it to the structure of the neck support and cradling of the head.

Sometimes the simplest of designs can provide a new world of benefits. In North America our sleep deprivation is directly related to many ailments and I concur that this invention will improve many in their health and vitality!"


Dr Cory Torgerson

Facial Cosmetic Surgeon, Toronto, ON

"These pillows are essential for perfectly supporting my post-operative patients in the most critical time of their healing period. enVy® pillow is a must have that you will not want to part with."


Dr. Jane Grey

Trail & Castlegar Medical Aesthetics and Day Spas

"I continue to recommend the enVy pillow to my clients. I see a lot of damage to facial structures from standard pillows.  I notice deeper lines and wrinkles of the face on the side that people sleep on and on the chest when they lie on their side rather than face up. I recommend enVy routinely for these problems."


Sabrina John, PA-C, MPAS

"I absolutely love it! My husband has wanted to try it but I won't give it up. No more neck pain, less overall headaches with none upon awakening!! I will be getting a travel pillow before my next trip anywhere and will be suggesting it to patients who will benefit."


Dr. Barb Loikandl

Laser Health Works Barrie ON

"With all the time and money we spend keeping ourselves looking younger it only makes sense to invest in a product that preserves your other investments.  enVy pillow is worth investing in...."


Dr. Donald Geisler

Dundas Chiropractic, Oakville ON

"This pillow is truly 'One of a Kind'. I recommend this for all my patients, to promote proper neck structure and spinal alignment."  Kathy was a patient of mine ten years ago. Her condition required proper neck alignment which could be acheived with the right pillow, Kathy took it upon herself, partnering with Kim to design and create this pillow. A pillow which aligns and supports both the head and the neck, in a soft yet rigid fashion, the enVy tm pillow was created."

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