Carla Collins shares her beauty secrets....

Canadian Actress/ Comedian and star of "Carlawood" has been sleeping with enVy Pillow...

" I adore my enVy Pillow and will never go back to garden variety pillows again. I love doing something that's good for me while I sleep. It makes it easy to sleep on my back or side and eliminates sleep wrinkles. I also think it's magic for reducing Puff Daddy eyes. Once you get used to the pillow, it is so comfortable and I am sleeping better through the night. It's also convenient to travel with and the bamboo pillow case is divine and easy to wash. I highly recommend the enVy Pillow to anyone who wants to improve the quality of their sleep and their face. It's a great way to ensure sweet dreams and the easiest and most natural way to combat aging. The enVy Pillow is DELICIOUS!"

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