Preventing Sleep Lines is Better Than Fixing Them Later

.....Trust me I know first hand

No lie… And I speak from experience. Sleep wrinkles, unlike expression wrinkles, are caused solely by the force and friction exerted on our delicate facial tissue while we sleep. I have heard stories of people who make a conscious effort to live their lives showing minimal expressions in an effort to prevent wrinkles caused by frowning, smiling, laughing and scolding our children. Good luck with that… but that is going to do squat for those lines we now know as “Sleep wrinkles” or “sleep lines”. So while those certain characters do there bit during the day to ward off those nasty “character lines” … I certainly hope they are doing something about those lines they press into their faces every night. We once heard of someone who hangs her head over the edge of the bed every morning to try to “un-wrinkled”. But what if you could just effortlessly and with absent of thought, just “sleep your wrinkles away”… wouldn’t that be well worth … I don’t know…. say $159.00?

Soo… why doesn’t everyone sleep on an anti sleep wrinkle pillow?

FIRST, Many people don’t realize what they are doing every night that is causing the lines on their face in the morning and assume its just natural aging. They would be wrong.

SECONDLY, most people don’t understand that sleep lines can be avoided… and in many cases these sleep lines (if not TOO advanced) can be eliminated.

LASTY, in the past, sleep wrinkle pillows have been awkward, uncomfortable and not designed to provide appropriate neck support. .. in essence a little bit of night time torture. Because I guess we have been in the mindset that beauty comes with a price.

6 Things you need to know about Sleep Lines:

  • Sleep lines are much easier to prevent than repair.

  • If you repair sleep lines but don’t change the way you sleep they will return quickly

  • In your 20’s and 30’s sleep lines usually disappear before the morning office meeting

  • In your 40’s sleep lines may wait until your commute home from the office to disappear

  • By the time your retire in your 60’s sleep lines will look like scars etched into your tissue

  • No amount of Botox injections will remove sleep lines.. DON”T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

Is there a solution that is cost effective, comfortable and works?

In 2009 the enVy pillow was introduced in both the Aesthetic market and the Wellness market. It is the only pillow available that effecting prevents, reduces or eliminates sleep lines AND offers chiropractic neck and spinal alignment and is sold equally in both markets. No other pillow can make that claim. Envy pillow is also registered as a Class 1 Medical device with CE approval in the European Union. Proudly made in Canada, by two Canadian nurses… enVy pillow is hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant and the most comfortable memory foam pillow available. The simple safe solution for wrinkle management.

PS… Here is my experience with sleep lines. Sleep lines on the left (when I was away on a trip without my enVy pillow for a week) and then picture on the right…after arriving home and sleeping on the enVy pillow for only two nights.

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