Is There a Connection Between Shoulder Pain and Your Pillow?

When it comes to pillows, quality sleep and neck pain and back pain are usually front and center, but shoulder pain is also a major issue that many sleepers deal with on a nightly basis. And while connecting that shoulder pain to your sleep position is a relative no-brainer, the connection to your pillow might seem like a stretch. But here’s an explanation that you might want to consider:

Side Sleeper Dilemma

It’s probably safe to say that in the vast majority of cases, if you sleep on your back your pillow isn’t causing you too many shoulder issues. It may bother your neck or your head, but your shoulders should be safe. It’s when we roll onto our side that the our shoulders really come into play. And for anyone who has experienced shoulder issues from sleeping, it’s the bottom shoulder that takes most of the abuse. And with 75% of us being side sleepers this is of upmost importance.

Compounds Existing Problems

If you’ve had prior shoulder issues or injuries, sleeping on your side on a pillow that doesn’t provide the right kind of support and position for your head and neck may make the shoulder problem worse. And if it doesn’t make it worse, it can certainly bring back old aches and pains you thought you’d never have to worry about again.

Don't Create NEW Problems

Trying to find a comfortable position for your bottom shoulder as a side sleeper on a bad pillow may even create some new shoulder pain. When you consider that your shoulder is squished upwards and compressed in an unnatural position for hours at a time because your pillow doesn’t offer the right support and positioning, it’s little wonder that pain is the end result. AND who has not experienced the numbness and pins and needles that come after you have slept awkwardly on your arm and shoulder?

EnVy® Pillow to the Rescue

With a bit of searching, you’ll find a variety of different side sleeping pillows out there, or pillows that claim to be perfect for side sleepers. Obviously, we haven’t been able to evaluate all of them, but in all likelihood some of them will help your shoulder situation and some won’t help at all.

The enVy pillow is designed in a way that allows side sleepers to avoid putting pressure on that bottom shoulder. The way the pillow cradles our head and neck, and moves our bottom shoulder slightly forward and off the shoulder joint makes all the difference in the world.

It’s easy to fall into the mindset that a sore shoulder is a sore shoulder … live with and find a new way to sleep, but there’s no reason why it has to happen that way. Believing that your pillow makes a difference is the first step, and the second is to find a pillow that helps your shoulder issues instead of making them worse.

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