Dr. Oz Warns Against PBDE in Pillows...

We recently received this email from a concerned enVy pillow user:
"Dr. Oz indicated that the chemical PBDE, a fire retardant used in memory foam, can be toxic.... can you please advise, I have recently purchased the enVy pillow and do not want to give it up?!?"

PBDE is a common additive as a fire retardant. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) calls PBDE a possible cancer-causing substance.

PBDEs also are know to mimic our hormones and can interfere with the normal hormonal activity in our bodies. When our Endocrine (Hormonal) systme is effected it can lead to cancer. disruptions can lead to certain types of cancer.

We are unknowningly exposed to PBDEs which have been found in human blood, fat, and breast milk.

With the introduction of this compound as a fire retardant, PBDE levels seem to be be increaasing in people and animals over the last 2 + decades. The fall out is not certain.

Having said that, PBDE has been named as a "toxic substance" and is officially listed on the Canadian Environment Protection Act’s l. Environment Canada and Health Canada have put regulations in place to manage/ban PDBEs in Canada.

The Canadian Cancer Society supports this regulation.


Dr. Oz will be thrilled to know that enVy Pillow is one of the safest pillows on the market! Many products, some imported, are highly toxic because of melamine, leads and a long list of other "nasties". A wise consumer has to seek out quality products from quality suppliers.

The enVy pillow DOES NOT contain PDBE (Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether), formaldehyde or CFCs.

It does, however, supply alot of ZZZZZZZZs. Continue to Sleep Well...

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