Are you getting the Proper Neck Support and Spinal Ergonomics at Your Favourite Spa?

In our rushed lives and hectic schedules, taking a moment for ourselves is a luxury that we cannot afford NOT to do. And as a Spa Professional you know the minute your client walks through your doors, YOU are the answer to their need to take that moment away from their daily stress. You plan to deliver and you want to be the reason they come back! A calming, esthetically pleasing environment leading to a comfortable chair to sit in while they wait, a cup of herbal tea or a glass of fruit infused water and calming relaxing music playing in the background.... an amazing start. Those niceties have become the status quo and anything less is considered sub-standard. So what else do you do to make the experience exceed your clients’ expectations… and your competitions offerings? Perhaps a plush robe? Orthotic flip-flops? A comfortable well padded spa table? Warm blankets?

Does the Spa Bed Offer Proper Alignment?

You may think you have covered all the bases (taking special note of comfort and safety)… BUT have you addressed proper “Spa Ergonomics?” As Registered Nurses, we look at things from a health care perspective with special emphasis on this very important consideration. Have you placed your client in proper body alignment using strategically placed bolsters and cervical neck support to induce a sense of unrivalled comfort? It may seem benign and simple, and yet it is paramount in having your client walk away feeling they received everything they deserved. For procedures where your client is spending any length of time on their back such as facials, IPL or eyelash extensions, you may should be placing a small pillow under their knees to support their hips and lower back alignment. There is no mistaking the relaxation this spinal support provides for your client as they settle into your treatment. Ideally, you should be taking care of their neck as well. This is a comfort measure often overlooked. If you are one of the conscientious professionals who have supplied a rolled up spa towel or even an airplane travel C shaped pillow to support their neck… you are certainly making the effort to create the ergonomics necessary for the optimal spa experience.

Why is Neck Support So Important?

But did you know our necks are comprised of 7 small vertebral bones. The first 2 are extremely important and can become out of alignment quite easily. Many customers don’t even know the importance of neck alignment. They may have neck pain but do not make the connection between straining their vulnerable necks on a daily or nightly basis and creating misalignment. Our first cervical vertebrae are also known as the Atlas, which supports the weight of your head. It also protects the brain stem, which is the very top of the spinal cord and is responsible for regulating our breathing, our heart rate and our blood pressure (pretty important stuff). Now, we are not saying that neglecting to provide proper neck support will cause your patient to stop breathing, however misalignments of the cervical spine can cause headaches, skull pressure, dizziness, ear and even jaw pain. And these are some of the major complaints of clients after having an aesthetic treatment.

A Rolled Up Towel Under Your Neck is Not Going to Cut It...

With today’s technology driven world, our necks are taking a level of abuse never seen before. Neck pain, mild degenerative disc disease or arthritis and poor alignment have become an epidemic. It only optimizing your client’s comfort and minimizing the amount of neck stress during their Spa visit is essential. This can be easily achieved using high quality, contoured supportive memory foam pillows on your treatment/ spa bed. As spinal advocates we have created the enVy spa pillow. Designed to fit nicely on a spa table and provide unparalleled support, alignment and comfort. It was created after personal experience at a wonderful Spa with every luxury imaginable but….excluding optimal positioning. An often-overlooked consideration! The rolled towel used under the neck was irritating and firm with no ability to conform to the individual curves of my spine and distracting from the wonderful treatment my skin care professional was performing..

As they say “ necessity is the mother of invention” … and the enVy Spa Pillow is a perfect complement to all your Spa Treatments and will transform any spa table into an ergonomic delight . enVy Spa Pillow… putting the “Treat in your Treatment”

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