Is Your Beauty Pillow Hurting Your Neck?

So you want to do something good for your face?

Maybe lose a few wrinkles?

Maybe you should invest in one of those new fancy ANTI-WRINKLE pillows?

What do you have to lose after all?

Well….Vanity may come at a cost.

Anti-Wrinkle Pillows aka Beauty Pillows

The “beauty pillows” out on the market today often DO live up to their claims. Many of them DO promote an “off your face” sleeping position which helps prevent premature aging and wrinkles. Their design often does prevent or soften sleep lines or wrinkles. **Sleep Wrinkles are those nasty wrinkles we see in the morning and are caused by the habitual “pressing” of our delicate facial tissue into our pillow every night. But what about your neck...? Will it suffer for vanity?

But What About Neck Support

Beauty Pillow can work on those wrinkles… but what if their design has no concern for your ergonomics. What if the sleep position that the beauty pillow promotes has you sleeping out of proper neck alignment?

It is worth noting that although wrinkles may age us… coping with neck or back pain is certainly not going to promote a healthy youthful appearance. Pain has a face of its own!

( D.E Baron and K.S. Deyoa et al)

SO Here is the QUESTION: There are many pillows on the market that may protect your skin but are they putting you at risk for health issues by compromising your spinal health?

Does Your Beauty Pillow Do this?

  • Head elevation : Sleeping with your head elevated is not good for your C spine (neck area). If you must sleep elevated for other health conditions, a wedge should be used allowing your entire spine to be supported and elevated as a unit….AND in alignment. Head elevation should always be obtained by bending at the waist NOT the neck.

  • Poor neck support: Most polyfill pillows do not meet neck support requirements unless there is a neck support bolster built into it.

  • Attractive to Dustmites and Allergens: Make sure you choose a pillow that is either washable OR dustmite resistant / hypoallergenic. Bamboo pillow cases and most memory foam formed pillows are often dustmite resistant and hypoallergenic.

Why is Neck Alignment So Important?

The bones in our spine need to be stacked one on top of the other in order to maintain good health. Our spine not only provides structure for our muscles and tissue but also protects our spinal cord… our nervous system!. The spinal cord runs through our vertebra and is protected by these vertebral bones. It is responsible for all the messaging that our brain sends out and vital organs receive.

Beauty Pillows vs Chiropractic Pillows (can they meet in the middle?)

Chiropractic scholars educate on this spinal alignment principle and Chiropractors treat their patients accordingly. Our Spinal /Nervous System can be compromised by something as major as a car accident to something, as seemingly minor as years of sleeping on a sub standard pillow that does not provide proper neck support. It is for that reason Chiropractors unanimously stress the need for walking, sitting and sleeping in alignment. The desired result is to ward off unpleasant symptoms or ailments…. And disease.

So What Should I Look For In A Beauty Pillow?

NECK SUPPORT, NECK SUPPORT, NECK SUPPORT….. and off your face positioning that is in proper ergonomic alignment.

The enVy pillow is endorsed by Chiropractors, Physiotherapist AND Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologist. Most tellingly, the same professionals sleep with it themselves.


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