A Good Night's Sleep... A "MUST" for the Travelling Soul

Whether travel is for business or a planned vacation...many people find it very challenging to get the good night sleep they need in a strange bed. Top that off with changing time zones, jet lag the recent media coverage on the “dirty hotels” ... and traveling is a nightmare!

Nothing can challenge a travelling body and soul like a poor night’s sleep. The last thing we need at our destination is to find ourselves tossing and turning and wishing we had the comfort of our own pillow between our tired head and a foreign hotel bed.

What Should You Look for in a Travel Pillow?

Portability, Lightweight, Comfort... AND feels like the pillow you have at home.

When we created the enVy pillow we kept portability as one of our goals. Those who sleep with our pillow know the value it has brought to their relief from neck pain, headaches, numbness and of course the sleep lines we hate to wake up to. They also know they don’t want to go a night without it. enVy is easy to roll up and tuck into our suitcase. At 3 lbs. we always say, “Pack 47 pounds of what you think you need and 3 lbs. of what you can’t travel without!”

But What if You Need Something Even More Compact?

We always love feedback from our customers and you wanted a travel size pillow that was small enough to use en route to your destination! You wanted a pillow to carry onto the plane and yet sleep as comfortably as the full figured enVy on the hotel bed. Introducing the enVy …To Go. We cut our pillow down to half of its size with the ability to roll up into its own handy carry bag to lean up against a window (or your unsuspecting neighbor) while on your flight. When the enVy pillow…To Go is fully open it stays in its carry bag and can be placed behind your back with the neck support acting as a much needed lumbar support which is lacking in the unnaturally shaped airplane seats…. And you know what we speak of! When you get to your hotel room… the enVy pillow To Go has the same wonderful ergonomic off-your- face design that has you sleeping in perfect neck and spinal alignment and fresh faced in the morning for that early business meeting.

“People who have problems with sleep are at increased risk for developing emotional disorders, depression and anxiety. There is no doubt that bringing your favorite pillow is one the best sleep aids you can have while travelling.” - ~ Micheal Breus, Sleep Specialist from Harvard Medical School

Sleep with the best while at home or away….

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