The Most Common Areas for Sleep Wrinkles

As if general aging, the environment and lifestyle habits weren’t enough, now we have to worry about getting wrinkles from our pillows? In reality, this has always been true.

"Sleep wrinkles have been around as long as there have been pillows and people sleeping.”

~ Dr Richard Glogau

But with so much emphasis on remaining youthful inside and out, the effect of your pillow on anti-aging is a relatively new concern.

What Are Sleep Lines?

Sleep lines are wrinkles that are created when you sleep in the same position, night after night after night. Natural aging and years of having your face scrunched up on your pillow every night, cause these lines to become permanent.

If you’re a regular visitor to the enVy pillow website, you probably know that sleeping on your back will solve this problem without question. But this post is not for back sleepers. It’s to let you know where you can expect sleep lines to form if you sleep on your side.

Sleep Line Formation

Where you get sleep lines depends on which side of your face you sleep on, and how your face is creased and folded into your pillow each night. Most people don’t give an ounce of thought to how their face goes into the pillow, so try an experiment and pay attention to it for a few nights….don’t you hate when someone points something like this out to you?

Even better, have your significant other or one of your kids take a photo of you lying on your pillow at night or in the morning. Then you’ll see where the creases and folds are located.

Some of the most common spots sleep lines develop include:

The Cheeks – You will notice vertical / diagonal lines on upper cheek, lower cheek, closer to the ears or near the jaw line or closer to the corners of your mouth. Again it depends on how you scrunch your face in the pillow.

The Chin – Chin sleep lines generally happen closer to centre of your chin (again diagonal to vertical) but just underneath the corner of your mouth.

Around the Eyes – Similar to the ‘crow’s feet’ people get from smiling or squinting, sleep lines can form around the eyes in a vertical pattern and “criss cross” the crow’s feet.

The Forehead – This is a very common location for sleep lines… especially in men who tend to bury the upper part of their head into a pillow while women prefer to press their lower faces into a pillow. Again the lines are more diagonal / vertical and will criss cross the horizontal expression lines we develop on our foreheads.

The Difference Maker

The enVy Pillow is ergonomically designed to minimize facial contact and put you in the ideal sleeping position. It’s important to follow the guidelines that come along with the pillow, but you shouldn’t have to worry about creating new lines in any of the areas mentioned above with the enVy pillow as part of your nightly routine.

Now that you know where and how sleep wrinkles form... are you going sleep differently tonight?

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