Are You Letting Your Skin ‘Breathe’ While You Sleep?

It’s no secret that clogged and congested pores have a negative effect on your appearance. Dermatologists and estheticians have been saying it for years. Sometimes, it’s just to sell a particular skin care product or service, but the concept still applies. If your pores are clogged up you’re more susceptible to acne, blackheads, sallow-looking skin and wrinkles.

One of the greatest opportunities to let your skin “breathe” happens every night during the one-third of your life you spend sleeping. You’re not pre-occupied doing something else. Your body is in rest and renewal mode. It is the ideal anti-aging opportunity.

Unfortunately, many of us waste this opportunity or make the situation even worse. If you’re really into having skin that looks and feels wonderful, you shouldn’t pass up these simple chances that require virtually no effort on your part.

Here are a few tips for letting your skin breathe all night long that you can start using right away.

Remove Your Make Up - it can act as an irritant and barrier, trapping dirt, sweat and pollutants in your skin all night. Many brands of make up use questionable ingredients to begin with, but if you’re going to wear it all day at least take it off while you sleep.

Wash Your Face - wash away that same dirt and grime with a steady before-bed face washing routine. You can make it part of the make up removal program, or do it separately, just make a point of doing it. Nightly face washing is important for guys, too.

Drink Plenty of Water During the Day - it will help keep your body and skin hydrated. Chronic dehydration leads to dried and aged-looking skin.

Quit Smoking – clear skin is probably the least important benefit of quitting smoking, but it’s certainly on the list. All the smoke and chemicals drifting into your face and into your body age you on the inside and the outside.

Switch Pillows – the ergonomically designed Envy Pillow features a central elevated pattern to distribute weight evenly and reduce pressure points while you sleep, which improves facial circulation. The pillow you use now probably reduces the circulation because of how your face is pressed into it each night.

The Envy Pillow also comes with a form-fitted 100% bamboo pillow case to reduce facial friction, creating the ideal situation for your skin. Give these tips a try and see if your skin situation improves.

Are you a skin breather?

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