enVy Pillow Faces the Fire on Dragons' Den

Watch the enVy Pillow Ladies on Dragons' Den on March 11th @8pm #cbcdragonsden

Dragons' Den... a Canadian Heritage

It would be a rare 'strong and free' Canadian who would not be familiar with the home made reality show which features five high powered Canadian panel of moguls affectionately know as “The Dragons”. The show airs on Wednesday night and draws an audience second only to the other well known Canadian show, “Hockey Night in Canada”.

"You Should Be On Dragons Den"

It would also be a rare new entrepreneur with a innovative idea who hasn’t had the encouraging “You should go on Dragons Den” line thrown their way at least once.

Kim and I were no exception… we were encouraged to go in front of the fire many times by friends, family, clients, doctors, chiropractors and especially by those who own the enVy, Anti-Aging pillow and fell in love at first sleep!

As two nurses launching a business with little business experience we learned quickly that this stuff takes a lot of hard work, a good dose of passion and ….. “well placed reckless abandon”. The latter was needed for this business decision.

One pillow lady was very resistant to the idea. The other one put in an application without the resistant pillow lady knowing. First lesson: Business can be cutthroat!

The Dragons' Den Pitch

We were contacted to submit a short but sweet selfie video to the producer.

The resistant pillow lady was coerced. Before long we received the email, “You are booked to pitch in the Den”. No turning back now resistant business partner ‘ )

We had less than 2 weeks to prepare our pitch with some pitch guidance from a lovely producer. Memorizing our ever evolving pitch (including one pillow lady wanting to give all her lines away) and our “numbers” was all we did! Taping the Dragons’ head shots to the wall while delivering our pitch was a daily routine.

Still nothing really prepares you for that walk down the stairs and seeing the real dragons. They are not there to make you comfortable on stage!

How Does It End?

So…. We would love to tell you how this story ends but we are sworn to secrecy! But please tune in this Wednesday, March 11th at 8pm (8:30 pm NFLD) on CBC Television.... for the chance to see a possible pillow fight!

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