Are you Giving a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5 Star) Spa Experience?

Client Comfort.. How Important is positioning your client during your treatment?

As a spa owner or manager, you know just how much time has been spent pondering the facility layout, available choices of palette colours, treatment tables, beds and chairs, styles of robes and slippers and even your choice of essential oils and fragrances that are associated with that ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ resort feel. These choices are important, however they are not the only reason your client will decide whether or not they will return.

Proper Body Alignment is the Key To Relaxation

Your attention to detail is what will differentiate you from your competition. All massage therapists and aestheticians pride themselves on their ability to relax and treat their clients but unless you take their proper spinal alignment body into consideration, you will fall a "star short" of their expectations. As health care professionals, we should always look at things from a holistic perspective, with special emphasis on this one very important consideration. Have you placed your client in using strategically placed bolsters and cervical neck support to induce a sense of unrivalled comfort and relaxation? It may seem benign and simple, and yet it is paramount in having your client walk away feeling fantastic. For procedures where your client is spending any length of time on their back such as facials, IPL/laser or eyelash extensions, you should be placing a small pillow under their knees to support their hips and lower back alignment. There is no mistaking the relaxation this spinal support provides for your client as they settle into your treatment.

Neck Support is Often Overlooked

As important (if not more important) you should be taking care of their neck. This is a comfort measure often overlooked or avoided as some practitioners feel neck support will get in the way of their treatments. If you are one of the conscientious professionals who have supplied a rolled up spa towel or even an airplane travel C shaped pillow to support their neck… you are certainly making the effort to create the ergonomics necessary for the optimal spa experience, however neither of these options provide true comfort.

The New Kid On The Block

The enVy™ Spa Pillow was created with both the professional and the client in mind. Placed under your client’s neck when they are on their back, enVy™ which is recognized as a medical device and recommended by spinal professionals, provides optimal neck support. It’s wipe-able waterproof laminated fabric cover means you do not need to worry about getting product on the pillow and the memory foam pillow inside will not get damaged. Often the spa professionals are concerned that the enVy pillow will "get in the way" in their ability to slip their hands under the clients neck and shoulder when offering those amazing massages ...or for lash technicians, the pillow many obstruct the freedom of movement needed during this 2 hour long procedure .

This is not the case!

enVy Pillow’s soft foam easily adjusts and relaxes with simple hand pressure. It was designed with you and your client in mind and promises not to disappoint either of you. One small adjustment to your treatment bed will place you in a league above the rest.

What extra perks do you offer your clients to make sure they get a 5 Star experience while you do your handiwork?

~ Kim Renton and Kathy Keefe are RNs and

Co-Owners of enVy Pillow Co.

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