4 Things YOU Must Know to Avoid Creating Wrinkles… While You Sleep

1. When side sleeping, the weight of your head compresses and shifts delicate facial tissue. The shift and compression will result in a line or wrinkle as shown above.​

2. Underlying facial ligaments cause the skin to fold when it is compressed… If we did not have these ligaments our skin would be able to slide without meeting resistance. It also would mean our faces would have no way of attaching to our underlying muscles and bones creating a sloppy floppy mess.

3. Sleep wrinkles are easily identified by their vertical direction and consistent location. When we are young we may wake up with a line but it will quickly disappear. As we age our skin elasticity degrades leaving us more vulnerable. Age, sun and genetics help determine how visible a side sleepers lines will become.

4. If you can reproduce the look of a morning line with your hand… you are developing sleep lines and need to invest in an ergonomic beauty sleep pillow (enVy Pillow )


AESTHETIC FACT: Prevention is more economical than trying to correct the line once its has formed… using an "OFF your face" pillow that allows side sleeping without pushing your face into your pillow is a must.

Are your sleep habits causing unnecessary wrinkles?

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