An Insomniac's Surprising Tips for Better Sleep (Part 1)

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Getting a great night sleep should be natural and easy. However for many of us the nightly war against tossing and turning has us obsessed with finding the one thing that will lull us into joining the communal night of slumber that the rest of the world is experiencing. We would like to make sure no one gets left behind!

So let us share some of the newest things we have learned along our sleepless road less traveled and the things that we, the enVy Pillow Ladies, fully endorse. Some may surprise you.

Exercise ...Better Late than Never

We all know the value of taking time for exercise/ activity in our day. It has been a common suggestion we should avoid exercise later in the day as this might disrupt our sleep… NOT TRUE. Several studies have shown that late night exercise …even just before bed… can mean a better night’s sleep. A National Sleep Foundation study found that more than 80% of people said they slept better when they exercised even late at night than when they did not exercise at all. So better late than never is absolutely true!

Sleep Hygiene … Yawn

We have all heard the advice on sleep… low lights, calming nature sounds, don’t have children. But lets have a concrete plan. Here is our two top picks...

Sleep Masks. Black out curtains are great but my preference is a Sleep mask. It can go anywhere and used in the light of day. I can not sleep without my sleep mask. Not all sleep masks are created equal. Dream Essentials offers my mask of choice. It delivers 100% light blocking with soft silky comfort and very importantly an interior eye chamber/ cavity to ensure absolutely NO pressure on the eyes. Once we get into that REM sleep (if we are lucky) we do not want to wake up feeling like someone has taken a SOS pad to our corneas. When your brain senses pure darkness, it causes the production of melatonin, the beautiful chemical of sleep.

Warm Bath and Cool Temperatures. A warm bath before slipping between the cool sheets has been a sleep game changer for me. By increasing body temperature with a warm bath then suddenly dropping the temperature as I crawl into bed, the body is “fooled” into the sleep process of how our body’s core temperature drops just before we drift into blissful sleep… and starts sending sleep signals.

Works like a charm. Just make sure your room is nice and cool before you hit the sack. Set the thermostat at 18.3 degrees C or 65 Fahrenheit which has been shown to be the most therapeutic sleep temperature. (Sleeping with cooler temperatures also triggers the production of brown fat cells, which burns calories faster than white fat cells… yah bonus!)


Calcium Magnesium: These two need each other so make sure you don’t just buy one or the other. The combination helps calm nerves and muscles and can be just the ticket to your next good night’s sleep. BUT make sure you get the right balance… start with a 1:1 balance.

Vitamin D3: This vital vitamin signals the pituitary gland to release growth hormones and encourages sleep by producing melatonin to trigger that much needed slumber. Unless you are a loin clothed missionary in Ecuador you are probably deficient of Vit D. Canadians don’t stand a chance. And don’t be satisfied with the recommended 1000 iu … double, triple or quadruple this.

Sleep Position.. Straight Talk

We believe that back sleeping is the most natural and healthiest sleep position. During the day it is important that we keep our body straight and flowing. The ideal posture of the human body is straight, symmetrical and vertical during the day (standing or sitting, if necessary). At night, back sleeping recreates this posture. When kept straight, unobstructed and flowing our vital organs work smoothly. Obstructing the physical aspect and flow of our vital organs by sleeping in positions that bend, twist or misalign our body and limbs will contribute to impaired function of our organs and vital systems.

According to Justine Vo DO this is the core solution to relieving pain and improving overall health and youthfulness.

Dr. Vo suggests:

1. Neck, trunk, legs and feet need to be horizontal and parallel to the mattress. No parts bent or curved.

2. Legs straight, shoulder width apart, feet pointed up. Arms should be along your body sides, palm face down or resting across your abdomen.

3. Head and neck should be supported in this position ideally preventing any head rotation.

Look for a pillow that supports your head in proper alignment allowing your neck muscles to relax without loosing the proper curve we need for proper nerve passages and blood flow. After all, the neck is the gateway between our noggin and the rest of our body… this gateway is of upmost importance! The enVy pillow is a perfect choice for this positioning as it provides the support and prevents rotation. Additionally enVy is dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic. We also suggest a small pillow under your knees.

Part II of this Blog will be discussing technology and how we should be using it to our sleep advantage!

If you have trouble sleeping consider implementing some of these ideas. It may be a simpler fix then you imagine. Please let us know what you’ve tried and if they worked for you.

Sleep well…

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