Do Fabrics Need to be SAFE? Hell Yes!

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

The textile industry uses lots of nasty chemicals to turn raw/coarse fibres into the soft, luxurious and smooth fabrics we place next to our skin. What most people don’t know is that the original material used to create these fabrics go through a hell before they get to you!

These fabrics are.....

Washed, sized, desized, bleached, dyed, treated with detergents, exposed to brighteners, biocides, wetting agents, lubricants, stabilizers, emulsifiers, complexing agents …and much more.

2000 Chemicals Plus

In fact, there is 2000+ chemicals used in textile manufacturing. Many of which are known to persist in, and harm our environment and are associated with a long list of health concerns such as infertility, autoimmune diseases, cancers, asthma, nervous system disorders and many others.

These chemicals which remain in the fabric are absorbed by our bodies. Some chemicals evaporate into the air for us to breath in and some are absorbed through our skin.

To Make Matters Worse…The industry pollutes our water by dumping untreated effluent into our waterways which will reach all of us around the globe.

What is OEKO-TEX®? And why we need it...

It is an independent testing and certification system where textile products can only be given the stamp of approval “Confidence in Textiles” according to Oeko-Tex Standard if all components (from zippers, to threads to fabrics) and each production stage (from raw material to finished product) meets strict standards.

One of the founders of the OEKO-TEX® Association is Hohenstein, German. Since 1992 has been committed to the sustainable development of the textile industry and to the innovation of the textile industry all over the world.

After receiving the certificate, the manufacturer is required to be tested every year.

OEKO-TEX® testing for harmful substances always focus on the intended use of the fabric. The closer to actual skin contact — the stricter the ecological requirements need to be met. These classes range form baby clothes, bedding to textiles on furniture, curtains etc.


In a nutshell... CHECK YOUR LABEL! These third party certification experts are making our lives (and our world) better and safer!

We are proud to have our enVy 100% Mulberry Silk Pillow to be sporting the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified Mulberry Silk pillowcase.

This means they have been tested and guaranteed to be free of all harmful substances, including toxins and irritants, ensuring that the silk product that you bring into your home is safe, natural and healthy.

Let us know if this new standard of "free from harmful substances" important to you?

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