Dragons' Den - The Part they didn't show (enVy Pillow)

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Q. Why Don't you Talk about the Biggest selling point of these Amazing Pillows?

We recently received an email with this very question from a lovely pillow fan telling us she can’t sleep without her enVy® pillow and asked why we didn't talk about the “biggest selling point of these amazing pillows” on Dragons' Den?

"...the fact that you only talked about the advantages of the pillow to people who have had plastic surgery....the original consideration when it was first created, but hardly the end of the story. PLEASE change the narrative this time!! You are missing the biggest selling point if you don't mention how many people have neck and upper back issues, and how these issues are mitigated by these amazing pillows. It's the reason I bought one, after spending hundreds on others, that were a waste of time.... And years later, I still have my Envy pillow and won't sleep anywhere without it. Yup, I travel with it."

It seems she watched us 3 years ago on Dragons' Den and felt we emphasized the "beauty" aspect more than the amazing health benefits of the enVy Pillow. And now that we were about to appear on Dragons' Den again (just last month) , she wanted to make sure we talked about how our pillow changes lives!

"SO, all this to say, this time, don't forget who the 'other' people are who rely on your pillows for a good night's sleep at your next Dragons Den appearance... I HAVEN'T HAD PLASTIC SURGERY LOL!"

The Dragons' Den Cutting Room Floor

The truth is, our Dragon's Den Pitch that aired was 9 minutes long. BUT the time we spent in the Den talking to the Dragons was 45 minutes long.... that's a lot of film left on the cutting room floor.

Our Pillow Ergonomics as it is to Anti-Aging

Fact: When we created the pillow we put as much (if not more) into “unsurpassed ergonomics” as we put into “beauty sleep”. So after spending weeks preparing for our pitch our plan was to tell BOTH sides of the pillow story. During our Pitch we were able to get the message across that "Beauty Sleep is a Myth" and in fact the way we sleep may be advancing the aging process. We were able to talk about Kim's background as an RN who was training doctors and nurses to inject BOTOX and Facial Filler. She was seeing 1000s of patients with facial wrinkles and imbalances.... because they were “Schmushing” their once youthful faces into their pillows every night.

Their beauty sleep was aging them!

We were able to share that Plastic Surgical Studies and Dermatologists (The American Academy of Dermatology) and other Anti-Aging Doctors were telling their patients to “SLEEP ON YOUR BACK” as the ONLY way to avoid this unwanted pressure on their skin. AND with 75% of us preferring to sleep on our sides we had invented the SOLUTION to keep you OFF your face but still allowed you to sleep on your side.

BUT Here the Rest of the Story (and the part they left out)

"I have a long history of neck and back pain due to major spinal scoliosis surgery as a teenager 40 years ago. I have tried every therapeutic pillow out there with little success. In this pillow collaboration, I insisted that it had to be as dedicated to ergonomics as it is to anti-aging.

After 2.5 years of Research and Development we launched our enVy pillow into the Anti-Aging market FIRST. What happened next surprised us.

We discovered that people were buying it for vanity but loving it for it’s improvement in their quality of sleep and wellbeing.

We were receiving testimonials about how it was helping with,

Migraines and Headaches

TMJ pain and discomfort

Pins and Needles

Tossing and turning and Sleep Disorders

Allergy symptoms

Carpal tunnel symptoms

CPAP machine comfort and Apnea Support

Our enVy pillow is sleeping with Plastic surgeons, dermatologists, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and hopefully tonight ….with all the Dragons."

Back Inside the Den, 3 Years Later

When we were asked to return to the Den for the special episode of "Inside the Den" featuring the top entrepreneurial pitches over the last 12 seasons, we still didn't get to tell BOTH sides of enVy Pillow.

BUT, regardless, we know that we continue to get love letters from people telling us how the enVy Pillow has been a total game changer for them. We have also come to know that waking up wrinkle free is not nearly as inspiring as waking up pain free, well rested and feeling better than you ever have. Our Google Reviews are certainly a testimony to that! (pun intended). It's a great side gig for an Anti-Wrinkle pillow.

As nurses we are thrilled to hear from each and everyone who reaches out to tell us how our pillows have helped them or someone they love deal with chronic pain or discomfort.. And that’s the best Anti-Aging Medicine we could wish for.

Kathy Young Keefe & Kim Renton RNs

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