SILK...Your Skin's New Secret Weapon

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Nothing in our lives spends as much time or is nearly as intimate with our face and skin as our pillow. And thus... our pillowcase. With that thought in mind we should be very picky as to what material we use on our favourite pillow.

Silk is one of the most magical fabrics on the planet. Even if "beauty sleep" is not your top priority, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn the shocking benefits that pure silk offers... beyond making your pillow the best dressed thing in your bed.

7 Amazing Benefits of SILK

NATURAL Unlike many man-made or synthetic fabrics used in bedding today, silk is a naturally occurring material. Silk naturally occurs from the cocoons of silkworms, and is woven into the fabric we know today.

SMOOTH Silk is so smooth that your skin (and your hair) will effortlessly glide across the fabric. No pulling or rubbing or sticking to this amazing fabric. You wake up without pillow cases creases on your skin.

BREATHES Silk literally “breathes” by allowing fresh air to pass through it and therefore allows your skin to breath while you sleep. The fabric is a natural temperature regulator … never too hot or too cool.

HYPO-ALLERGENIC Silk is naturally hypo allergenic, resistant to mold, mildew and dust mites.

HYDRATES YOUR SKIN Silk does not retain moisture and it does not wick moisture or your anti-aging cream away from your skin like other fabrics do.

NAMASTE...CALMS YOUR SKIN & SOUL Silk does not irritate skin but actually soothes it because it is a protein. Silk comes from an animal (silk worms) and contains amino acids that are beneficial and friendly to human skin. It is KNOWN to actually make the user feel calmer while lying on it.

SUSTAINABLE and CERTIFIED Silk is one of the most earth friendly fabrics on the planet and is 100% sustainable. BUT it is important that it received the stamp of SAFE.

We are thrilled to have our SILK receive the very important certification of OEKO-TEX meaning it is made WITHOUT the use of harmful substances.

Why buy just a SILK Pillowcase when you can get the Whole Shebang?

Anti-Aging Pillow + Anti-Aging Pillowcase = Ultimate Beauty Sleep

The enVy pillow company launched the enVy SILK pillow several years ago after repeated requests. The popular beauty sleep pillow adds a well-known natural anti-aging element to its wrinkle reduction design by adding a 100% pure Silk pillowcase. The ergonomic Off-Your-Face design PLUS the smooth Silk pillowcase takes beauty sleep to a new level. It is custom fitted for the enVy Pillow and is made with 100% long strand Mulberry Silk in the perfect 19 Momme weight… the best silk available. This silk that comes from silkworms fed an exclusive diet of mulberry leaves. Mulberry silk produces a longer, whiter and more durable thread then other silk products.

Would you pay a premium price for premium silk ..if you knew it was good for your skin?

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