How are they different than regular wrinkles?

What Are Sleep Wrinkles?


We used a transparent pillow to capture what happens when we plant our faces into our pillows at night .. it isn't pretty.

THIS is what happens to our face when we squish
it into our pillow at night ... during our "beauty sleep"

"If sleeping with your face in a pillow is a nightly routine, then you can develop permanent sleep lines.   And you don't have to plunge head first to get these lines; even years spent sleeping on your side can cause wrinkles." 

~ American Academy of Dermatology

There are 2 Types of Wrinkles...

1. Expression Wrinkles ... this is a job for BOTOX

Expression or Dynamic wrinkles occur as a result of muscle contraction with facial expressions such as frown lines between your eye brows,  horizontal forehead lines and crows feet which are caused by squinting. Photos below...

2. Sleep Wrinkles ... this is a job for enVy, the Anti-Aging Pillow

 Sleep lines or sleep wrinkles have nothing to do with muscle contraction or expression and are caused by the repeated pressing of our face into our pillow while we sleep. 


These lines are usually more vertical then expression lines and can be found on forehead, cheeks, chins  etc. Dermatologist, Dr. Samuel Stegman,  was one of the first to observe that most people tend to exhibit these creases and imbalances on the side they prefer to sleep on...  

and made a habit of telling them which side they slept on.  Sleeping on their sides (and therefore their faces) was causing “sleep wrinkles”.  As our skin ages these sleep lines become permanently etched into our faces.
THE SOLUTION: Dr. Stegman  said the only way to avoid these wrinkles was to SLEEP ON YOUR BACK and minimize our facial contact with our pillow.  We have a better idea!

Photo below show the tell tale vertical lines through the eye brow and criss-crossing the crows feet.

Photo below shows the deep vertical creases around chin area and lip lines caused

by pressing face into a pillow at night.

Not sure those wrinkles on your face are from Sleeping? Try this

The "Hand Test".. each to do and imitates the pressure your pillow places on your face every night.  





The Sleep Line Warning

Aesthetic Doctors and nurses are know to  warn their patients against filling these lines with dermal  fillers or skin resurfacing because they do not offer long term relief. (NOTE: Botox do not work on Sleep Lines).   Sadly, these sleep lines  will reappear in a short time after  filling or skin treatments because the poor patients continues to sleep on their face!

It's like sleeping in a shirt you just ironed. 

SOLUTION: The enVy pillow was developed to ALLOW for side sleeping but MINIMIZE face-to-pillow contact!  SEE the difference...

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